I’ve never loved anything more than photography. I’ve always been drawn to concert photography and wanted to do more with it. This summer I went into warped tour with a photo pass with a huge ball of doubt in my stomach. In my head I’d always wanted shoot shows but wanting to do it and being able to do it and do it well were two different things. As soon as I was in Abandon All Ship’s photo pit and the band filled the stage all my nerves just left and I started taking pictures like I’d done it a hundred times. As the day went on I realized my photos weren’t half bad and I was happier than I’d ever been. The balance of music and photography (the two things I love most) was making me feel more at home than I’d ever felt doing anything else. This just fuels my desire to be a photographer even more and I want to use what I’m good at to help the music industry. I do want to lean heavily into music photography but I have no plans of being one of those photographers that focuses too heavily in one area and lets the quality of other photos slip. I want to work hard to pull out amazing photos from concerts, weddings, and day to day moments. I’m lucky to have realized what I want to do so young because I know I have my work cut out for me but I love it so much that I’m ready to learn and grow so that I can do this with my life.