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Richmond based photographer, creator & student

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Anonymous asked: Are you going to start a portrait series of people in Richmond?

Maybe not a series exactly, but now that I’ll I have time to dedicate to photography I’m probably going to start shooting more people and things in Richmond! Shoot me a message if you’re down to have your photo taken

I’ve been wandering around the mountains in upstate New York for the last week. It’s been nice trading in the noise and congestion of DC for the quiet mountains. 
Anonymous asked: What camera do you use?

Canon t31 and Canon EOS 1n

I went to the river with Katie and my pup today. He usually hates water so it was pretty exciting!
Phil and Colin
Asheville, North Carolina

Anonymous asked: Hello! I was wondering what type/brand disposable camera you used to take pictures from your birthday! I absolutely love them and am trying to take awesome pictures like those for my birthday! (:

Fujifilm quicksnap! But I’ve found that most disposable cameras (at least whats available at walmart, target cvs etc) are all the same camera with different branding.