Tuscan, Arizona
June 2014Tuscan, Arizona
June 2014
Sorry I’ve been the world’s worst blogger the last six months. But here’s what’s going on.
All of my “style/interior design/not my own artwork” content has moved to this blog 
I’m working on a new project called Lightscapes which will be a compilation of 100 photos by December. May or may not be selling zines of it at the end. 
Film photos of Arizona are coming
Portraits from the darkroom are slowly coming 
Im a cat mom now! The little baby in the picture above is Nox and he thinks he’s a dog. 
Went to a talk by Lucas Blalock. Aesthetically his work isn’t my favorite but it approaches a lot of good points that contemporary artists/photographers should be thinking about. So check him out! 
ALSO send me links to your work! I want to see what everyone’s up to even if we haven’t talked before. 
Richmond, VirginiaRichmond, Virginia

I was walking down my street and a guy yelled “HEY HOOCHIE MAMA WORK THAT SKIRT” so I flicked him off and continued to walk and HE THREW A FUCKING BEER AT ME